Know what your customers are saying about you

Don’t let bad reviews shut you down. Everyone has an opinion and the Internet provides the megaphone. With over 70% of consumers trusting online reviews, you can’t afford to ignore what’s being said online. Monitoring and addressing your online reputation has never been easier.

Reputation is everything but it can be hard to find out what people are saying about you. We can help you find out.


80% of smartphone owners in Canada said they don’t leave home without their mobile device. And two-thirds of them said they had used their phone every day in the past week.

Features and Benefits

Scour social networks, blogs, search engines, and review sites

In order to find out about what your customers are saying about you, you need to scour all of the social networks, blogs, search engines and review sites. This can be a very arduous task. Not to worry, that’s what we are here for.

Provide better engagement with customers

We can provide you with the information you require in order to highlight those areas that require attention. But we can’t do everything. You need the information so that you and your managers can fix the experience and foster repeat guests.

Improve customer satisfaction and help protect reputation

Keeping a loyal customer is far less expensive than trying to acquire a new one. If you put in the effort, not only does it prevent bad customer service issues from arising, it keeps your competitors from luring customers away.

Monitor to help manage reviews

The internet can be an intimidating place for a business owner. The anger and consternation that bad press makes you feel won’t just go away if you ignore the problems causing those feelings. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s extremely important to maintain your integrity and professionalism. We can provide you with guidance.


Receive email alerts of recent reviews

We will provide you with email alerts of recent reviews to enable you to take the necessary action to resolve bad reviews and thank those that provide you with positive reviews.