Maybe We Should Break Up With Google

There’s More to Calgary Marketing than Ranking Highly on Google Search

When businesses sign up for search engine optimization services, many of they think that once they’ve “turned on the SEO,” ranking highly on search results only requires them to watch and wait. However, while an experienced Calgary marketing company can indeed improve a business’s online search rankings to a degree, good results actually require much more than that.


Jennifer Van Iderstyne, a contributor to the search industry news outlet Search Engine Watch, framed that reality in these lines she included in a recently published article:

Let’s be honest, all of us in the making-money-online business have been in a polyamorous courtship with Google for a long time now. Look at the guy next to you in the search results, yup, he’s your sister wife.

But like any relationship, if you’re looking to the other party to define you, to bring quality to your existence, you’re doomed to disappointment. Ranking well in Google should be an extension of the fact that you are the best at what you do.

The expectation of ranking should come as a result of a consistent effort toward being the most competitive, most relevant, most knowledgeable and most trustworthy competitor within your space. Chasing rankings instead of chasing those goals will only lead to a continually punishing, continually unfulfilling dysfunctional relationship with Google.

As Van Iderstyne put it, businesses who expect to see great results from their rankings should also give the effort to establish themselves as an authority in their field. This development of a reputation for value and authority should also take place both offline and online.

Offline, it means working hard to become better than the competition in every respect as well as providing customers with services that are truly worth their time and money. Customers should come to view you as the go-to resource for a particular product or service. Once that is established, it would become easier for your online presence to attract the attention it very well deserves.

Online, it means continually improving the image you project to everyone you encounter on the Internet. The design of your website should reflect the quality of your services, and the online listings for your business should be accurate and up-to-date.

While there isn’t much that a Calgary marketing provider can do to assist you in improving your offline perception, as this is something that your business must strive to do on its own, many of the tasks of improving your online presence can be left to experienced marketers like Mobile Marketing Allies. With their help and a genuine effort on your part to become better, your marketing efforts will be met with great success.

(Source: Maybe We Should Break Up With Google, Search Engine Watch, July 30, 2014)

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