Create Your Local Business Profiles

You should be the master of your local business profiles aka online business listings! When you are listed locally, it is easier for customers to find and choose your business. Claim, verify and upgrade your business pages to stand out to customers in your area.

Features and Benefits

Claim Google+ Local/Yahoo Local pages

Creating a verified Google+ Local profile will give you a listing on Google Maps, which is valuable for smartphones because firstly it’s featured prominently in the SERPs, and secondly ‘local search’ on a smartphone can also happen within apps (such as the Google Maps app) that utilize Google search. Therefore, it becomes more important than ever to ensure that these listings are claimed, up-to-date and consistent across Google+ Local, your business’s website, and any other listings you might have.

On-page Optimization

Make sure you have location targeted pages with the targeted location prominent in all relevant places (such as title tags, descriptions, and unique content).


Local search relies heavily on ‘NAP Citations’, which are instances of your business’s NAP (name/address/phone number) in various places around the web. Make sure that all of your citations match exactly; consistency is key.

Photos, videos and links

Don’t forget to include images of your storefront in your Google+ Local listing. This will be shown in Google Maps. You can also include high-quality images of your products/services. Users are more likely to click the result for a tattoo parlor, for example, which includes photos of their tattoos as well as their storefront .

Social Profiles/Apps

Google+ is the most obvious social network for local search, because of its connection to the Google+ Local listings. And, in addition to the obvious features of G+ as a social network, it’s also tied to reviews on Google+ Local.

Facebook: 24% of local search is conducted via Facebook’s mobile app; in fact, it’s the second most commonly used mobile app for local search, after Google Maps. So it’s important that you have a business page on Facebook, and include your business address and phone number (again, ensuring that it’s consistent with all other listings).