SEO Services in Calgary Must Provide a Link-Building Element for Sites

Many businesses today understand the fact that the Internet is an incredible resource for drawing in new clients and engaging existing ones. For this reason, SEO services in Calgary have grown in popularity in recent years.

However, while many business owners know that SEO services are designed to help them rank higher on organic search results pages, few of them truly understand the complexities involved in it. Rather than being a straightforward process, SEO is actually built on a wide array of techniques that come together to create a functional whole.

One of these tactics is the art of link building, which entails linking your website with other pages elsewhere in order to establish authority. In a recent article for Forbes, Jayson DeMers, a contributor to a popular business content provider that focuses on SEO and online marketing for business owners, wrote:

In order to rank highly for a search query, your site needs a high level of “authority,” an abstract and subjective term for how credible and influential your site is compared to others in your industry. Many SEO companies have defined this differently, calling it “domain authority” or “brand authority,” and have calculated a number on an arbitrary scale to measure how much relative “authority” a given site has at any given point in time.

However, the authority built by interlinking sites was eventually exploited by owners who wanted to cash in on the advantages of topping the search results pages. This led to a rat race for links, with some websites even ranking highly despite the fact that they contained little to no relevant information related to the search.

As a result of this, Google began penalizing domains that used spammy link building tactics, forcing many website owners to rethink their link building strategies in order to continue ranking highly on results pages. For some, link building even came to be considered dead, but as DeMers highlighted in his article, the link building component of search engine optimization has simply changed to accommodate the new rules that Google is now enforcing:

Link building, as a tactic, rose to prominence because having more links pointing to your site once meant instantly having a higher authority. Since Google caught on to these “black hat” schemes, those old school link building tactics are now harmful to your authority. Instead, modern link builders are careful to ensure links appear natural, from a diverse range of sources, and preferably those with high authority already.

In this regard, it is important that business owners choose a Calgary SEO provider, like Mobile Marketing Allies, with a rich experience in providing high-quality link building and can also combine this method with other SEO strategies.

(Source: Implied Links, Brand Mentions, And The Future Of SEO Link Building, Forbes, August 1, 2014)

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