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Process Online Orders with Some Help from a Calgary Marketing Company

Some restaurants may grow so popular that they’ll often find themselves packed. The problem is: what if other people simply want to grab a bite without having to wait in line outside? One solution will be to set up a mechanism for online orders. Trisha Leon explains why in her August 11, 2014 article for Business Solutions magazine:

… in order to remain competitive, limited-service restaurants must evolve to meet the varied needs of customers. One area where limited-service restaurants can adapt to the market is online ordering and/or delivery. Consumers indicate that convenient delivery or ordering services, such as call-ahead or online ordering, could encourage them to patronize limited-service restaurants more often.

Calgary’s vibrant economy is an opening for food-based businesses to “be fruitful and multiply,” as a certain adage goes. A Web check of restaurants in the city will yield so many choices based on value for money, taste, and general ambiance– some of your friends may have clued you in on where to eat if you’re visiting for the very first time. On the other side of the coin, if you’re the restaurateur who’s been queried on accepting online orders (but had no idea where to start), a professional Calgary marketing company like Mobile Marketing Allies (MMA) will make things work with you.

Some marketing experts claim that activating an online order system requires a full evaluation of the restaurant’s production capacity as to whether it can handle the requests in addition to what the diners have already ordered. On some occasions, it may entail a review of the restaurant’s official website to see whether the ordering system can be integrated with it.

Area of Operations
Although your restaurant (or at least one satellite branch) may have customers coming from possibly across town, it presents a problem when some of these customers are now interested in placing an order. Leon cited analyses by a marketing expert who suggested that a restaurant considers delivery area limits due to population density and traffic levels around the place to prevent straining the delivery crews. To put things into perspective: if your restaurant is in, say, Cambrian Heights, it will be a tough stretch if an order came in from Whitehorn or Radisson Heights unless you have branches there.

Ordered… over Facebook?
Professionals who specialise in marketing in Calgary like MMA know how to integrate an ordering mechanism into your business’ official Facebook page. For instance, a menu section on the page may have order and shopping-cart functions linking back to the restaurant’s management computers, with options for delivery, dine-in, or to-go. A restaurateur interviewed for Leon’s article stresses, however, that the system must work well.

(Source: Why Your Limited-Service Restaurant Customers Need Online Ordering, Business Solutions, 11 August 2014)

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